Controllers & Network Switches


WiFi Network Device Controllers monitor and control devices such as access points and bridges which are the signal distribution components of the network. The Network Controllers perform several functions including:

  • Device performance monitoring/resetting
  • Device firmware monitoring/upgrading
  • Network reconfiguration in case of distribution device failure
  • Network access control
  • Walled garden and Hotspot control functions
  • Limited network performance control
  • Performance/alert reporting

Network Device Controllers may or may not offer router functionality. They also usually do not work with APs and Bridges from other companies.
We offer Network Device Controller equipment from Ruckus Wireless and 4ipnet.

Network Switches

Network Switches distribute the network traffic among the various devices on the network. When equipped as Power over Ethernet Switches, they can also distribute power to APs and Bridges at remote locations on the network, thus removing the requirement for a 110 AC power plug at every AP location. This also allows establishment of a central point from which the entire network can be re-powered. More complex Network Switches can also be programmed to partition the network for traffic flow control and security purposes.

We offer Network Switches from Ruckus Wireless, HP, Netgear, 4ipnet and Intellinet.