Network Servers

Network Servers serve as the heart of the data storage and distribution for the various workstations and other devices attached by wired or wireless means to your Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN).

These functions place several requirements on the devices. They must have adequate disk drive space and random access memory (RAM) space to handle the data and processes, which will flow through them. They must have an operating system that is adequate to control the users’ access to the network and to the network resources such as data files, printers, etc. They must also have a backup system that is adequate to automatically save several copies of system profiles and user data.

The server itself should also be a quality device constructed with redundant features so that it will continue to function even when devices such as a disk drive or a power supply has failed. We prefer custom configured servers that can meet these requirements with mirrored drives and redundant power supplies. When the system has degraded, it continues to function but alerts are raised to indicate the problem and allow for a replacement in a timely fashion without system down time.

We offer Network Servers custom configured from HP, Dell, and Lenovo. We configure the Servers with MS Windows Server and/or VMWare.