Network Solutions

As more people use more wireless devices for both their personal and business activities, both businesses and individuals are taking the steps to improve both their wireless and wired network infrastructures. We offer superior wireless and wired network design, implementation and support.
With the highest quality products on the market today and service to match, we offer customers the planning, installation, and support needed to conduct business in today’s environment. Our professional team works closely with you to develop a network plan that fits your needs, installs it, and offers responsive support to keep it all running. Take a look below for more information on how we do this.

Network Design & Planning


New Designs

We can use your building design prints with their layouts and dimensions to simulate the Wi-Fi signal distribution during the design phase. As the build phase progresses, we can perform on-site simulation verification testing.

Existing Structures

After viewing the building either from an on-site walk through or from satellite pictures and discussing specific problem areas or requirements, we can develop a Wi-Fi network plan that is designed around your structure.

Network Setup & Installation

Network Cabling

Using appropriate Ethernet cable, we can deliver both signal and power to your network access points. We can work with your electricians or use one of our associates to provide network cabling.

Smart Meshing

Where a connection to the network switch is not feasible, we can use Smart Meshing to deliver signal to remote access points.

System Configuration/Customization

Ruckus Wireless has a very easy to use graphical user interface that makes system configuration go very quickly.

Network Support & Repair


Remote Monitoring

Once the device is connected to the Internet, it can be securely monitored from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Equipment Replacement

In the rare event of an equipment problem, Wi-Net can localize the problem part and then work with Ruckus to get it replaced PDQ.