Network Cabling Serving Rochester, MN

A reliable network whether wired or WiFi is dependent on a well-planned and installed network cable infrastructure. Network cabling must go from a central wire room and other wiring centers, to the various workstations and to WiFi access point locations. These locations may be in the same building, in other buildings or even outdoors.

In addition to network computer connections, cable outlets, phones, audio and video equipment also use a low voltage interconnection cabling.
At BRITEE we have a licensed low voltage cabling specialist with 10 years’ experience who can handle all these types of cabling whether in homes or businesses, whether in existing or new construction.

If you have network or low voltage cabling requirements call BRITEE to discuss how we might help with your network and low voltage cabling needs.

Serving clients in Rochester, Stewartville and communities in SE Minnesota for more than 30 years.