Computer Repair & Support

Serving Rochester, MN

Now that the system is running, we are still available to support you as you use the system. Perhaps you can’t find how to get to a particular feature on the system. We will respond quickly to your phone and/or email messages about how to enable that feature. Many times we can provide this support quickly using remote desktop support applications such as TeamViewer. We can also help when you need a local IT person to work on your system. Whether you need physical parts replaced or need other on-site help, we can help resolve your IT problems and quickly get you up and running again.

Then there are the times when problems happen. Whether it’s an attack by malware or a hardware failure. We can work with you to determine what is causing the problem and fix the cause. We can remove viruses and spyware from the system. We can replace parts such as power supplies that have failed. We can even debug problems when Windows updates have caused the dreaded “blue screen of death”…just give us a call or send an email.

When you find that your system has slowed down and you need to get its performance back to a normal level BRITEE has a PC cleanup service to fix this. We check the system for component or software problems. We remove malware, viruses, adware and other unwanted software that may be slowing the system. We then install all performance and security updates from the system manufacturer, Microsoft and other sources.

Another step we take to improve system performance is to replace existing hard disk drives with solid-state drives (SSD’s). Because there are no moving parts in an SSD, they can dramatically improve the PC performance and reliability. All your old programs and data are still there, they just work much faster.

When your computer’s down, just call Charlie Brown.

Serving clients in Rochester, Stewartville and communities in SE Minnesota for more than 30 years.