Computer System Setup & Installation Serving Rochester, MN

When we provide a PC for you we want to make sure it is ready to use when you get to your office or home. Our setup process starts by getting Windows and all its current updates installed on the machine. Once it is up and running, we optimize its performance by removing all the added “craplettes” that came with it. These include unwanted trial programs that clutter your desktop and make the system take a long time to start. We make sure there is one good anti-malware program running so your system is protected but not slowed due to multiple anti-virus programs running in the background.

Now that the operating system is working well, we can install the system on your network and configure the system for your office or network environment. We install office suites and/or application programs that you need. We setup any local or network printers that you may be going to use. And we configure your email on the system.

In short, when we provide a PC for you, we want to make sure it is ready for you to use.

We can also install Google Workspace or Office 365 clients on the machine.

Serving clients in Rochester, Stewartville and communities in SE Minnesota for more than 30 years.