Andy:  Good Morning Charlie Brown.  Last week you were talking about how PC Applications works on PC Applications.  You talked about some of the applications such as Office suites, anti-malware, accounting and networking software packages. What kind of clients do you work with that use these applications?

Charlie:  Well we work with a number of different kinds of clients.  To generalize, our clients are residential computer users and small to mid-sized businesses in this area.

Our residential computer users range from people with computers that they use in high schools, people who work at home, and on through senior citizens who use their computers to surf the net or to communicate with their family or bank.  In fact, many of our senior clients are residents of one of the senior housing units such at The Homestead, The Waters or Charter House.  With all these clients we do a lot of virus removal, data recovery and WiFi networking.  Email is also a must work application with them.

Andy:  I can understand that.  How about businesses?

 Charlie: Businesses have many of the same needs as the residential clients I talked about above, but they need a faster response because they are in business.  Fast, reliable Internet connectivity is a requirement with businesses and we are able to work with the Internet providers in the area on a technician to technician basis to quickly get high speed internet connections up and running when they have gone down.

Network printing and scanning is also a large concern with businesses.  We work with the businesses to get their various printers and scanners set up and shared with all the users in the businesses, sometimes in remote locations too.

Many times there are local businesses that are branches of larger organizations that have put equipment and networks in place in this area.  When there is a local problem it might take a corporate tech a couple of hours or more to get here to fix it.  In those cases, we can quickly work as a local tech taking direction from the corporate office to get the local site back on-line ASAP.  We do a lot of work with larger hotels in this fashion.

With more and more of our business clients we are working with cloud-based applications.  Office 365 and Google G Suite are a couple of the major applications that we install and maintain for clients.  I might mention here that we have helped our non-profit clients move to the cloud-based versions of the Office suites from MS and Google at a significant savings to them.

 Andy:  Any specific business lines that you work with?

Charlie:  Well as I mentioned before, we do work with numerous hospitality businesses in the area, both locally owned and local branches of national chains.  As a subset of the hospitality area I might mention that we also work with apartments.  This area is interesting because we have to take a single Internet service and share it with all the apartment guests.  There are some special challenges in this area.  One of them is separating business office data from the guest network.

We work with a number of small towns in the area serving as their computer and networking specialists.

We also have some experience with the dental area.  This involves patient records management and xray image capture and storage.

And we have worked with a major agricultural coop in the area providing networking and inter-office data networking.

Andy:  In the 28 years that you have been working with computer applications in the Rochester area, gained a wealth of experience from different computer applications and different business applications too.  If you need supportyou’re your computer or business applications, think of Charlie and Dave at PC Applications for local support from experienced computer professionals.  That’s Charlie and Dave at PC Applications, 533-6510, or visit their web site

Charlie:  Before your computer or network’s application is down, just call Charlie Brown!