Andy: Good Morning Charlie Brown!!!
Charlie: Hi Andy. Its been a bit since I talked about Chromebooks and Chromebase units and so I thought I should mention them again.

Andy: Well before we get into all that, perhaps you could remind me and our listeners just what Chromebooks and Chromebase units are?
Charlie: Good idea! The Chromebook is a laptop notebook unit. The Chromebase unit is an all-in-one desktop system with a 23.5” display. These units are designed to do virtually everything on the Internet. While they do have a solid state drive for storing files, it is generally small. Your main file storage location is your Google drive on the Internet. You log onto the machine with your gmail address and password. This gives you access to your email, your google drive and other Internet content. They do have an Office suite that you can use to create documents, spreadsheets and slide shows. However the emphasis is on running Internet based apps. You cannot download and run programs, just go to the Internet and run apps.

Andy: Isn’t that a bit limiting?
Charlie: Perhaps. However, there are millions of Chrome, android and other apps available for you to use. In fact, you can even run the Office 365 apps on the Chromebooks and Chromebase units so it’s easy to stay in touch with everybody no matter what office suite they are using.

Andy: OK, so what does this system configuration buy us
Charlie: Since I can’t download programs, I can’t get viruses and spyware. Since my data files are store on the internet I don’t have to worry about backing them up and they are available to me anywhere I can login to the Internet. Also, since I don’t have to have a large hard disk drive, this allows the unit to get by without a bunch of weight producing components. It also requires a much smaller, lighter battery. You end up with a very nice thin and light machine.

Andy, how long does it take to start up your PC…maybe a minute or so? Watch this….Instant on when you open the lid of the unit.

Andy: Now that is a nice way to start a session with your computer. How about price points?
Charlie: So we end up with a thin and light machine with fast response times available at a price of about $275 for a standard 14” Chromebook and about $550 for a 23.5” all-in-one desktop or wall mount unit. There are units with more features available too.

Charlie: To quote Christopher Mims from the Journal: “For most of what people need to accomplish on a computer, Chrome is just better.”
Andy: So if you are thinking about a new desktop or notebook PC you want to call Charlie at PC Applications, 5336510, for a deal on a Chromebook or Chromebase unit. For computers of renown, just call Charlie Brown.