Troubles With Your Home Network?

Q: What do you have for us today CB?
A: If a packet hits a pocket on a network or a port or the buss is interrupted because the wire is too short and no access to the network makes your movie abort Then the network packet pocket has an error to report!

To ease your worried mind and restore the networking transport. Call PC Applications for networking support!

Q: Cute Charlie Brown…But what are you trying to tell us?
A: We have recently seen people with large houses trying to use mesh networking to cover their whole house especially when they are trying to stream movies to their TVs using their WiFi network. Looks good in the ads or when the sales guy is talking it up at the store.

Q: But?
A: But we have seen problems with it.

Q: First, what is Mesh Networking?
A: Mesh networking is where you have one master WiFi source be it a router or an access point connected to the internet by a wired connection. Then you have 3 or 4 other access points scattered throughout you house connected to the internet by a WiFi connection. But maybe they can’t get a direct connection to that master WiFi source. So they get the signal bounced from one of the other access points. And in theory, the WiFi signal ought to be able to bounce between the access points and get to you.

Q: Ok, but it sounds a little iffy to me….
A: And that’s what we have seen happen. The signal does get there but not reliably so your NetFlix movie drops out on you just at the good point because someone went to get popcorn and got in the way of the signal. I’m simplifying things here but that’s what we have seen happening with Mesh Networks.

Q: So what is the fix for this?
A: We really like wired connections to the access points and using a commercial grade of access point and router. Large houses may have numerous other devices connected to the network at the same time and so that wired connection with commercial grade access points can support the throughput or heavy traffic that might really exist with a solid connection eliminating the signal drops when things are bouncing around.

Q: And you can analyze network setups and suggest changes that can improve WiFi internet signal reception?
A: Yes we can. Many times finished ceilings can get in the way but many times we can find ways around this. So: To ease your worried mind and improve the networking transport Call PC Applications of Rochester, MN for networking support! At 533-6510 or!