I’ve heard of your PC Cleanup and Update service. What does it include?

  1. Cleaning dust, debris from fans and inside of system
  2. Scanning the hard disk drive for problems.
    • Correcting problems found.
  3. Backing up personal data files from all profiles if there are serious system problems.
  4. Cleaning unused files, folders and registry entries from the system
  5. Checking Startup folder for un-needed programs
  6. Scanning the system for spyware, ad-ware, viruses and other malware
    • Removing malware that is found
  7. Scanning system for anti-malware programs.
    • Removing extra copies so only one program is in use real time
  8. Checking for Windows updates
    • Applying all current Windows updates.
  9. Checking for System updates
    • Applying BIOS and driver file updates
  10. Checking for other program updates (Adobe, Java, Office, Browsers)
    • Applying updates
  11. Defragmenting the disk drive to optimize system performance and reliability.

If system problems persist or if other issues have been identified by the system owner:

  1. Checking Windows system files for problems
  2. Using tools to check for other file and settings problems
    • Repairing as required
  3. Checking system hardware components
    • Identify failing or failed components and cost to repair
      • Estimate cost to repair/replace
      • Identify age and state of system
      • Recommend whether repair/replacement is worthwhile
      • Consult with client on what action to take

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